Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Terrorism in Edmonton, Alberta?

Look to the left.  Now, look to the right.  There’s probably no one there is there because you’re sitting at the computer all by yourself—I know I am.  But, if there were a person sitting on either side of you and you were sitting in Canada , chances are, in November last year one of you thought that at the very least, it was moderately likely that there will be a terrorist attack within Canada, before November 2011, so say’s AngusReid.

Wills & Kate's mates lead the way with 74% of people expecting an attach within a year from November 2010.
This isn’t a topic that’s necessarily come up between my friends and I, but seeing as none of us have ever raised the topic, that would lead me to believe that none of us think it’s very likely that a terrorist attack is going to happen in Canada.  And I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that none of us would expect a terrorist attack in Edmonton, Alberta, home of West Edmonton Mall (largest shopping mall in North America), any time soon; I’m sure we’re home to something else, I’m just not sure what.

Well anyways, the other morning, I’m on my way to work, driving behind a city bus.  I’ve probably been following the bus for a couple blocks, and as I start to get closer, my eyes start to focus in on the back of this bus.  Now normally, I’m oblivious to bus advertising, let alone on my way to work in the morning; but for some reason, my eyes started to focus in on the back of this bus. 

So here I am, directly behind this bus now, and what do I see, but some dude staring at me;