Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandy Hook Shooting Suspect Caught On Film While Hiding In Woods

No time for niceties tonight, trying to be quick this evening.

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut was an event of evil, perpetrated not by some lone-nut, but rather by some well organized paramilitary group.  I don't intend to document for you all the inconsistencies or oddities in this case, a simple search of alternative media will provide you with lots to digest.  I will include some links at the end for those unsure of where to begin or continue your search.

My post tonight is going to focus on some footage taken early on that day; this footage can be found here.  In the footage, police can be seen running from the back of the school out into the woods.  In the accompanying audio, the reporter in the chopper can be heard to say (after you clean up the audio):
"We saw a lot of police officers just start bolting, just starting running (to/from/around?) the back of the building towards the wooded area just to the west of the school. At this point uhhh their weapons seem to be drawn so they are obviously are looking for some kind of (civilian/suspect/threat?) in that wooded area."
For the time being, let's just ignore what the police are doing and not worry about the man they eventually led out of the woods in handcuffs who yelled to parents "I didn't do it."  Instead, lets focus in the upper left area of the screen where a man in a black vest, his white arm and his shadow can be seen shifting and moving as the police close in on the other suspect.

Below are four screenshots captured from the raw helicopter footage, I've marked a tree in the first screenshot to use as a reference when you watch the video.  I realize that looking at the screenshots, you can't make out the figure, but you can clearly see movement when you watch the video.

The video below is from YouTube and is the first time I noticed this figure lurking in the bushes, who is obviously trying not to be seen by police.  The quality of this video is not as good as the original source here; it took me a while to see the movement when I watched the YouTube version, but there's no denying it in the original footage.

I'm off to bed, but a couple places to check if you'd like to dig deeper into this Psyop:
~HistroicalRecordsVlt YouTube Channel
~American Everyman
~My Twitter Feed

Lastly, in case you encounter talk that Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes, father of accused Newtown shooter and accused Aurora shooter respectively, were to provide testimony in the LIBOR scandal, it is all undocumented speculation meant to distract and discredit truth seekers; the original source being Sorcha Faal, a long time outed disinfo agent.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Aurora Shooting Victim Bonnie Kate Pourciau at Back of Theater Within 18 Minutes of Police Being Dispatched

I'm writing this post for posterity sake.

US President Barack Obama visits Aurora shooting victim Bonnie Kate Pourciau in the hospital.
If you're not familiar with what I've been referring to on Twitter as the #AuroraCoverUp, you may not be aware of the irregularities, anomalies or all around psyop being conducted within & without the case of James Holmes & the Batman Shooting. If you are unfamiliar, may I suggest you get up-to date by reading the collection of articles by Scott Creighton at American Everyman (

As I was watching the Bonnie Kate Pourciau Rescue Cell Phone Footage Aurora Shooting Century 16 Theater video posted on YouTube courtesy of the HistoricalRecordsVLT Channel, around the 4:00 minute mark in the video, I recognized the radio chatter in the background from the Police/Fire scanner audio from the night of the shooting. I'm not sure if anyone's proven yet that the female victim in this video is in fact Bonnie Kate Pourciau, but that does not impact what I'm doing here, which is put some sort of a timeline to the events in the cell phone footage of the aftermath of the shooting.

Before we go to the videos, let me point out that one such anomaly of this case is that suspected shooter, James Holmes, is charged with two counts of the attempted murder of Bonnie Kate & two counts of the attempted murder of Bonnie Pourciau (see here). Safe to say, however, that this is most likely only one person, as can be seen in this USA Today piece entitled: Bonnie Kate Pourciau: The spring and summer of 2012 will be a time that Bonnie Kate Pourciau won't soon forget.

Anyways, enough of that silliness--lets go to the video.

Starting at 3:58 in this video:

Radio Chatter: Copy. Uhhhh. Just run that division. So far I have you in charge of Dillard's Division...

So, I knew I recognized the voice and knowing that the time of the scanner audio starts at aproximately 12;39am, I just had to figure out where in the 2hrs of scanner audio that transmission took place.

And here we have it. Starting at 20:26 of the scanner audio in the left (fire/medical) channel is the matching audio where you hear Century Command respond to Dillard Command's mention of "two reds" (critical victims).

So the only conclusion I will make in this tired state is that the radio chatter in the above cell phone video happens approx 20/21 minutes into the police response or at 12:59am/1:00am (0:00:00 = 12:39am so 0:20:26 = 12:59/1:00).

Lastly, the edit at the 2:20 minute mark in the above Cell phone video where the guys are saying "there wasn't an argument or anything it was just outta nowhere" & "they planned it man" and continuing thru to the video edit at 5:26, where the male victim is screaming in pain from his arm, must transpire in the range of 12:57am to about 1:02am.

Unfortunate thing is that this segment of video is all black, but now we have reference for when this female victim was moved from the front/west side of the theater to the back/north east side of the theater.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lessons From Libya

Early hours, Friday, May 11, 2012

Time for some Edutainment, brought to you by yours truly.

Listen to Dear Leader Barack Obama (formerly/still? Barry Soetoro) accept the Nobel Peace Prize, which he's done proud.  I'm not sure exactly how many countries the United States is currently dropping bombs on (Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc) or in some way waging covert wars (Iran, Uganda, Syria, USA, etc), but I think it's safe to say it's more than any other nation.

Also featured in this musical piece is US Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton, proudly declaring:
We came, we saw, he died!"
in response to the killing of Libya's long time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Other news clips from RT help paint a picture of the both Machiavellian & Orwellian manors with which Dear Leaders conduct themselves.

If none of that entices you, maybe the fact that I've sampled Bob Marley, among other artists will interest you.

We Mustn't Allow Syria The Same Fate

As for some quick lessons on what we can learn from the fiasco perpetrated on Libya, before our troops are sent to Syria, lets see what the Canadian government, being led by the Conservative Party, has for us in the news?

$350 Million to help foment a civil war & a slow genocide of a sovereign nation that was the rising jewel of Africa, ranking highest in Africa on the Human Development Index in 2010.  Over a year ago I joined the chorus of individuals pointing out that NATO was supporting Al-Qaeda fighters who were leading the "uprising".  That's not how I want my tax dollars being spent, that's for sure,

Now I never even knew there was a celebration in Canada for "Victory in Libya", but apparently there was a celebration in Ottawa that apparently "attracted only a couple of dozen Libyan-Canadians who waved flags as cannons sounded a 21-gun salute."  That makes this next headline that much more outrageous:
That is more than double what the orignal approved budget was.  So what was possibly served by firing some cannons and flying a jet overhead?  Someone must have thought this was a good way to demonstrate their bravado or machismo.

It's interesting to note:
The Privy Council Office instructed the Canadian Forces on Oct. 2 to begin preparations for the victory celebration, well before the end of the Libyan conflict, according to the records. The office outlined exactly what it wanted and the military complied with a Parliament Hill celebration that included a flypast of aircraft and a parade of Canadian Forces personnel.
I point this out, all the time wondering how many Canadians are aware of the Privy Council Office and what part in plays in the Governance of Canada.  Good fortunes willing, time will permit me to delve into this topic at a later date.

With all the lies coming out of our Dear Leader's Lips, it's nice to be joined in my plot on this earth by this tulip.  All that escapes from it's presence is a glowing aura and a sweet smell of better days ahead.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Wants to Make Vaccines More Available to Teens

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paula Simons published an article in the Edmonton Journal today and it was dated May 2, 2012, so I believe that to be the date.

In this article, Ms. Simons interviews the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta, Andre Corriveau, who believes that there needs to be found "better ways to make the (HPV) vaccine available" to "young people". Apparently, Edmonton's 66% in-school inoculation rate for girls is in some way unsatisfactory to him.

Well today I learned through the Twitter, from CBC reporter Andrea Huncar, that apparently "the committee advising Dr. Corriveau met yesterday and recommended extending coverage to immunize boys against hpv" and as you can see, she explains later, there was no press release. I guess that's why we have Paula Simons.!/andreahuncar/status/197783501175668736

Andre Corriveau is hoping that the debate about providing the HPV vaccine to boys will provide a chance to have a new conversation about Gardasil, and whether school vaccination clinics are the best strategy to fight HPV.
“It challenges us to rethink our approach, to find better ways to make the vaccine available, in other places young people congregate,”

It's a shame there's no clarification on what Alberta "Top Doc" Andre Corriveau exactly meant by this. Should we be offering HPV vaccinations at the mall? Maybe the local Macs or 7-11? I believe what Mr. Corriveau is hinting at is that our provincial medical overlords would like to make the vaccine available with out pesky parents getting in the way.

California already cleared the way last autumn for girls as young as12 year old to get the HPV vaccine:
And New York's political class is following suit:

Anyways, back to the propaganda that is Paula Simons piece from the Edmonton Journal, where Chief Andre shares his thoughts on why children aren't getting the HPV vaccine at comparible rates to that of booster shots of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.
"There was a lot of social marketing, telling people that this was an unsafe vaccine, that girls were being used as guinea pigs. It was quite strident and virulent, and it made a lot of people think, ‘I’m not sure I want my daughter to get this vaccine.’"

How does the Chief compare activists concerned with the danger of Gardasil, who's main avenue of spreading their message is through social media, with the money that Merck, the makers of Gardasil, has to throw behind an "advertising" campaign? What do activists on the internet have to gain by helping individuals make informed consent? Not nearly as much as Merck stands to gain by having governments offer the $400 Gardasil shot series for "free" to as many people as possible.

In 2007, eight months after Gardasil was approved for use in Canada, the federal governement approved $300 million to fund an HPV vaccination program. But here's where it get's more ineresting:
"Merck Frosst Canada Ltd., the maker of Gardasil, hired public relations giant Hill & Knowlton to push the immunization strategies using some well-connected lobbyists: Ken Boessenkool, a former senior policy adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Bob Lopinski, formerly with Premier Dalton McGuinty's office; and Jason Grier, former chief of staff to Health Minister George Smitherman.
According to Ontario consultant registration documents, Lopinski and Grier's lobbying activities include: 'Proposed policy decision to support a childhood immunization program for HPV and funding related thereto.'"
So Chief Medical Officer Andre Corriveau, would you really have us believe that "social marketing" can compare to a pharmaceutical giant hiring lobbyists who are former insiders to a provincial & federal (dear) LEADER?

But according to Paula Simons, I'm probably part of an "insidious...vocal lobby" myself:
"But there is a larger, more insidious international anti-vaccination movement out there, a vocal lobby that sees vaccines of all sorts as a Big Pharma plot.

The hysteria goes viral, with frightening anecdotes that blame all kinds of inoculations for all kinds of disasters, spreading globally."
So to do Paula proud, here are some frightening anecdotes:
Those escaping death still risk other severe side effects including seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short-term memory loss and Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Needless to say, after catching wind that Alberta taxpayers may soon be paying to inject boys with an HPV vaccine, I needed to find a way to clear my head from trying to understand the insanity, thus, my battle to shape my garden into something usable continued on this evening with, satisfactory results.

Many weeds still wait
For those of you looking to feed the garden that is your mind, here's a good interview on Gardasil with a doctor who still looks out for the public's interest, and not that of Big Pharma.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Victory on May Day Garden Style

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Or so the papers say.

May Day

Or so the Twitter says.

But is it a day for Occupy's Revival?

Or is it really a big joke by the Illuminati who celebrate their birthday May 1st (1776)

May Day was originally a communist day, and well, best I can tell, the Communists have always been supported by the Illuminati.

No matter.

Today was they day where I began my attack on the plot of land in the corner of my yard, that I am told was once a garden,

Check out all those earthworms
I managed to clear another section of weeds before the sun and his rays departed for the night.  Victory over this garden brings us all one step closer to defeating the enemy.

Most of what I've learned earlier today has slipped down the memory hole.  There is one last article fresh to my memory.  This is an article that discusses the fact that the sun is the greatest driver of climate and Earth changes.  Many will still claim global warming and/or climate change are driven by man, but to deny the many scientists and researchers proving a greater understanding of weather and solar effects on the planet--to deny them--could be disastrous.

I've no time now to  go in depth to any of this, but here are some people demonstrating a higher understanding of both weather and Earth Changes (earthquakes):

 The bus to Multi-National Corp departs early, I must go

Jeffrey Craig

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Terrorism in Edmonton, Alberta?

Look to the left.  Now, look to the right.  There’s probably no one there is there because you’re sitting at the computer all by yourself—I know I am.  But, if there were a person sitting on either side of you and you were sitting in Canada , chances are, in November last year one of you thought that at the very least, it was moderately likely that there will be a terrorist attack within Canada, before November 2011, so say’s AngusReid.

Wills & Kate's mates lead the way with 74% of people expecting an attach within a year from November 2010.
This isn’t a topic that’s necessarily come up between my friends and I, but seeing as none of us have ever raised the topic, that would lead me to believe that none of us think it’s very likely that a terrorist attack is going to happen in Canada.  And I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that none of us would expect a terrorist attack in Edmonton, Alberta, home of West Edmonton Mall (largest shopping mall in North America), any time soon; I’m sure we’re home to something else, I’m just not sure what.

Well anyways, the other morning, I’m on my way to work, driving behind a city bus.  I’ve probably been following the bus for a couple blocks, and as I start to get closer, my eyes start to focus in on the back of this bus.  Now normally, I’m oblivious to bus advertising, let alone on my way to work in the morning; but for some reason, my eyes started to focus in on the back of this bus. 

So here I am, directly behind this bus now, and what do I see, but some dude staring at me;

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canadian Bilderberg Attendees 2011 Part 1

Just a quick rundown on (listed) Canadian attendees to this year’s Bilderberg Conference—better late than never.  If you don’t know what Bilderberg is—StartPage it.  Basically, it's the steering commitee for the global elite.

This list is based on what’s listed on the official Bilderberg Meetings website.  Alright—now quick and short—I promise—my bed is calling.

Mark Carney & Alan Greenspan
Carney, Mark J., Governor, Bank of Canada

Notable highlights about Mr. Carney:

  • Spent 13 years working for Goldman Sachs and was involved in the 1998 Russian financial crisis, where Goldman Sachs was advising Russia, while simultaneously betting against the country's ability to repay its debt.  Does this familiar to anyone lately?  (Think Greece)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I Had Seaweed Salad For Dinner

Tonight, before heading out to an All-Candidate’s debate for my riding, I stopped at a Japanese restaurant for some Miso Soup, Seaweed Salad and a couple Temaki (sushi rolled like a cone).  

I'm not sure if you've had seaweed salad before, but if you haven't, it looks kinda like string beans with a hint of slime, and is very crunchy.  The "tangy" sauce, was--uh--different; the dish tasted like what I suspected it might.  What that flavour is, I don't know.  They were very crunchy and you had to really chomp on them.  I did manage to eat my whole plate, and hopefully nobody saw me battling it out with my gag refelex. 

Anyways, why did I subject myself to seaweed salad and seaweed, cone-rolled sushi, when I prefer sashimi (raw fish, no seaweed) so much more? 

That headline is one reason. 

The Japanese have been withholding information on the Fukushima disaster, and it’s not far-fetched to believe that Canadian and US governments may be withholding information too.  They’re telling us not to worry and don’t feel it’s necessary to test for radiation as it may hurt “the industry”. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did You Know Gas Prices Are Down Since December?

It was only a little over 4 months ago when I suggested to a few (not enough) people that they pick up some silver while it was still only $30/oz.

So four months ago, I said it might be too late in six months.  Well, it's been over four months, and while the price of silver has managed to rise 36% in that time, this does not mean it's too late.  I'm not going to cover all the reasons silver has a long way to go, but I will share with you a graphic I came across recently at

Silver coming back after being suppressed; see Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan for an introduction on how silver & gold has been suppressed by global Mega Banks.

As you can see, over the last 30 years, silver is actually down, 25% (in December 2010, today silver is over $40/oz)--it has a long way to catch back up to it's precious metal cousins.  Historically, it usually took 15-20 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold; in 1980, this ratio was 21.25 ounces of silver to 1 ounce of gold.  Over the last 6 months this ratio has dropped from upwards of 58:1 down to close to 36:1.  In all likelihood, silver is going to continue to catch up to it's historical norm, which mean's, even if we took $1500/oz gold (currently $1457, in all likelihood, $1600+ by year end) that would equal $75/oz silver (20:1)$100/oz (15:1), though there's no saying exactly how long it might take silver to reach these historical norms once again.  Something else to keep in mind is that countless commentators and investors, much wiser than I are saying that $2000/oz & $5000/oz gold is in our future, maybe even before the decade is out.

6 Month Gold/Silver Ratio
If you have money lying around that your saving and not looking at investing, buy a few ounces of silver.  Prices aren't rising, sure it costs you more for all your basics (food, energy), but that's not because the prices are rising, that's because our dollars are losing their value (of which there is no inherent value, like in silver and gold).  On December 3, 2010, silver closed at $29.38/oz, oil at $90.26/brl; that mean's with 3.1oz of silver, I could've bought a barrel of oil.  Today, silver closed out at $40.11/oz, oil at $106.67; which means I'd only have to spend 2.7oz for a barrel of oil today.  Bet you didn't think the price of oil had gone down in the last 4 months.

On December 2, 2010, gas jumped up to about $0.94/L--a 50 litre fill costing $47 or 1.6oz of silver; fill up 50 litres tonight and that would cost you $54.95 ($1.099/L) or 1.4oz of silver today.  With oil prices likely reaching at least $150/barrel before the year is out, in my estimation; prices of almost everything will be affected, that's basically anything that travels to get to you (that's why I also recommend joining a CSA today so you can feed your family with food grown within 50 miles of your dinner table).

It's really quite easy to get on the road to preserving your wealth, by buying silver, rather than losing it to the hidden tax/bondage chain of inflation.  There are 6 or 8 coin shops in Edmonton, with silver on hand, you can buy 1oz or 1000oz, and they'll buy it back from you whenever you choose to sell.  If I would've know how easy and un-intimidating it was to buy silver from a shop, I would've done it four years ago when silver was still under $13/oz.  Don't let yourself miss out on what is still a great opportunity to preserve some of your hard earned wealth.  Share this with your family and friends so they can protect their money too.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Some context on the Libyan "Rebels"

Below is a little bit of information for you to keep in mind as you here “news” without context, which is all that the main stream media supplies.  If you’re like me, you may have thought Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi was talking crazy when he stated "What is happening now is not the people's power. It is international terrorism led by al-Qaeda," in regards to the uprising in his country.  Turns out this is not so far-fetched of a statement.

The information below is taken from the following article by Webster G. Tarpley:  The CIA’s Libya Rebels: The Same Terrorists who Killed US, NATO Troops in Iraq.  Keep in mind as you read through the excerpts that Al-Qaida is a creation of CIA and many Al-Qaida members have been on the CIA payroll (See Tim Osman aka Osama Bin Laden).  Also, in the article below, Anwar Al-Awlaki is mentioned as a “rising star” of Al-Qaida; American born Al-Awlaki is currently on the CIA’s Kill or Capture list (Muslim cleric Aulaqi is 1st U.S. citizen on list of those CIA is allowed to kill).  For a little context on Anwar Al-Awlaki, here’s some link to some articles detailing some of his past:

Since a lot of this may be new to some, let me sum up what I've excerpted below.  The Libyan rebels currently being supported by NATO forces in fact belong to the same group that has sent the most suicide bombers to Iraq per capita; almost 20% of suicide bombers in Iraq hailed from the north-eastern area of Libya, site of the current uprising.  So well we fight Al-Qaida in Afghanistan & Pakistan, we give them air support and weapons in Libya, and by we, I mean the ruthless, corrupt individuals that we still allow to run our countries.