Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Victory on May Day Garden Style

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Or so the papers say.

May Day

Or so the Twitter says.

But is it a day for Occupy's Revival?

Or is it really a big joke by the Illuminati who celebrate their birthday May 1st (1776)

May Day was originally a communist day, and well, best I can tell, the Communists have always been supported by the Illuminati.

No matter.

Today was they day where I began my attack on the plot of land in the corner of my yard, that I am told was once a garden,

Check out all those earthworms
I managed to clear another section of weeds before the sun and his rays departed for the night.  Victory over this garden brings us all one step closer to defeating the enemy.

Most of what I've learned earlier today has slipped down the memory hole.  There is one last article fresh to my memory.  This is an article that discusses the fact that the sun is the greatest driver of climate and Earth changes.  Many will still claim global warming and/or climate change are driven by man, but to deny the many scientists and researchers proving a greater understanding of weather and solar effects on the planet--to deny them--could be disastrous.

I've no time now to  go in depth to any of this, but here are some people demonstrating a higher understanding of both weather and Earth Changes (earthquakes):

 The bus to Multi-National Corp departs early, I must go

Jeffrey Craig

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