Friday, May 11, 2012

Lessons From Libya

Early hours, Friday, May 11, 2012

Time for some Edutainment, brought to you by yours truly.

Listen to Dear Leader Barack Obama (formerly/still? Barry Soetoro) accept the Nobel Peace Prize, which he's done proud.  I'm not sure exactly how many countries the United States is currently dropping bombs on (Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc) or in some way waging covert wars (Iran, Uganda, Syria, USA, etc), but I think it's safe to say it's more than any other nation.

Also featured in this musical piece is US Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton, proudly declaring:
We came, we saw, he died!"
in response to the killing of Libya's long time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Other news clips from RT help paint a picture of the both Machiavellian & Orwellian manors with which Dear Leaders conduct themselves.

If none of that entices you, maybe the fact that I've sampled Bob Marley, among other artists will interest you.

We Mustn't Allow Syria The Same Fate

As for some quick lessons on what we can learn from the fiasco perpetrated on Libya, before our troops are sent to Syria, lets see what the Canadian government, being led by the Conservative Party, has for us in the news?

$350 Million to help foment a civil war & a slow genocide of a sovereign nation that was the rising jewel of Africa, ranking highest in Africa on the Human Development Index in 2010.  Over a year ago I joined the chorus of individuals pointing out that NATO was supporting Al-Qaeda fighters who were leading the "uprising".  That's not how I want my tax dollars being spent, that's for sure,

Now I never even knew there was a celebration in Canada for "Victory in Libya", but apparently there was a celebration in Ottawa that apparently "attracted only a couple of dozen Libyan-Canadians who waved flags as cannons sounded a 21-gun salute."  That makes this next headline that much more outrageous:
That is more than double what the orignal approved budget was.  So what was possibly served by firing some cannons and flying a jet overhead?  Someone must have thought this was a good way to demonstrate their bravado or machismo.

It's interesting to note:
The Privy Council Office instructed the Canadian Forces on Oct. 2 to begin preparations for the victory celebration, well before the end of the Libyan conflict, according to the records. The office outlined exactly what it wanted and the military complied with a Parliament Hill celebration that included a flypast of aircraft and a parade of Canadian Forces personnel.
I point this out, all the time wondering how many Canadians are aware of the Privy Council Office and what part in plays in the Governance of Canada.  Good fortunes willing, time will permit me to delve into this topic at a later date.

With all the lies coming out of our Dear Leader's Lips, it's nice to be joined in my plot on this earth by this tulip.  All that escapes from it's presence is a glowing aura and a sweet smell of better days ahead.

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