Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandy Hook Shooting Suspect Caught On Film While Hiding In Woods

No time for niceties tonight, trying to be quick this evening.

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut was an event of evil, perpetrated not by some lone-nut, but rather by some well organized paramilitary group.  I don't intend to document for you all the inconsistencies or oddities in this case, a simple search of alternative media will provide you with lots to digest.  I will include some links at the end for those unsure of where to begin or continue your search.

My post tonight is going to focus on some footage taken early on that day; this footage can be found here.  In the footage, police can be seen running from the back of the school out into the woods.  In the accompanying audio, the reporter in the chopper can be heard to say (after you clean up the audio):
"We saw a lot of police officers just start bolting, just starting running (to/from/around?) the back of the building towards the wooded area just to the west of the school. At this point uhhh their weapons seem to be drawn so they are obviously are looking for some kind of (civilian/suspect/threat?) in that wooded area."
For the time being, let's just ignore what the police are doing and not worry about the man they eventually led out of the woods in handcuffs who yelled to parents "I didn't do it."  Instead, lets focus in the upper left area of the screen where a man in a black vest, his white arm and his shadow can be seen shifting and moving as the police close in on the other suspect.

Below are four screenshots captured from the raw helicopter footage, I've marked a tree in the first screenshot to use as a reference when you watch the video.  I realize that looking at the screenshots, you can't make out the figure, but you can clearly see movement when you watch the video.

The video below is from YouTube and is the first time I noticed this figure lurking in the bushes, who is obviously trying not to be seen by police.  The quality of this video is not as good as the original source here; it took me a while to see the movement when I watched the YouTube version, but there's no denying it in the original footage.

I'm off to bed, but a couple places to check if you'd like to dig deeper into this Psyop:
~HistroicalRecordsVlt YouTube Channel
~American Everyman
~My Twitter Feed

Lastly, in case you encounter talk that Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes, father of accused Newtown shooter and accused Aurora shooter respectively, were to provide testimony in the LIBOR scandal, it is all undocumented speculation meant to distract and discredit truth seekers; the original source being Sorcha Faal, a long time outed disinfo agent.

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