Friday, August 24, 2012

Aurora Shooting Victim Bonnie Kate Pourciau at Back of Theater Within 18 Minutes of Police Being Dispatched

I'm writing this post for posterity sake.

US President Barack Obama visits Aurora shooting victim Bonnie Kate Pourciau in the hospital.
If you're not familiar with what I've been referring to on Twitter as the #AuroraCoverUp, you may not be aware of the irregularities, anomalies or all around psyop being conducted within & without the case of James Holmes & the Batman Shooting. If you are unfamiliar, may I suggest you get up-to date by reading the collection of articles by Scott Creighton at American Everyman (

As I was watching the Bonnie Kate Pourciau Rescue Cell Phone Footage Aurora Shooting Century 16 Theater video posted on YouTube courtesy of the HistoricalRecordsVLT Channel, around the 4:00 minute mark in the video, I recognized the radio chatter in the background from the Police/Fire scanner audio from the night of the shooting. I'm not sure if anyone's proven yet that the female victim in this video is in fact Bonnie Kate Pourciau, but that does not impact what I'm doing here, which is put some sort of a timeline to the events in the cell phone footage of the aftermath of the shooting.

Before we go to the videos, let me point out that one such anomaly of this case is that suspected shooter, James Holmes, is charged with two counts of the attempted murder of Bonnie Kate & two counts of the attempted murder of Bonnie Pourciau (see here). Safe to say, however, that this is most likely only one person, as can be seen in this USA Today piece entitled: Bonnie Kate Pourciau: The spring and summer of 2012 will be a time that Bonnie Kate Pourciau won't soon forget.

Anyways, enough of that silliness--lets go to the video.

Starting at 3:58 in this video:

Radio Chatter: Copy. Uhhhh. Just run that division. So far I have you in charge of Dillard's Division...

So, I knew I recognized the voice and knowing that the time of the scanner audio starts at aproximately 12;39am, I just had to figure out where in the 2hrs of scanner audio that transmission took place.

And here we have it. Starting at 20:26 of the scanner audio in the left (fire/medical) channel is the matching audio where you hear Century Command respond to Dillard Command's mention of "two reds" (critical victims).

So the only conclusion I will make in this tired state is that the radio chatter in the above cell phone video happens approx 20/21 minutes into the police response or at 12:59am/1:00am (0:00:00 = 12:39am so 0:20:26 = 12:59/1:00).

Lastly, the edit at the 2:20 minute mark in the above Cell phone video where the guys are saying "there wasn't an argument or anything it was just outta nowhere" & "they planned it man" and continuing thru to the video edit at 5:26, where the male victim is screaming in pain from his arm, must transpire in the range of 12:57am to about 1:02am.

Unfortunate thing is that this segment of video is all black, but now we have reference for when this female victim was moved from the front/west side of the theater to the back/north east side of the theater.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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